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Adhesive Label Paper and Film
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Pressure sensitive papers in gloss, semi-gloss, ultra-matte and bright white offset finishes.
Laser labels, inkjet labels, offset printing labels, digital press labels, permanent and removable.
Vinyl, Polyester, Versaply, Teslin, Polyart and more!
26 Stock Colors - Fluorescents, Astrobrights, Pastels and Metallics
Diversiprint®, Digi™, Crack 'n Peel®, Spinnaker Coating, Strip-Tac Plus®,
Wausau Coated, HP Indigo Optimized Offset Printing Labels Inkjet Photo Gloss Labels White Laser Vinyl Waterproof Label Laser-Inkjet-Copier Labels Offset Printing Labels Fluorescent Color Labels Thermal Transfer Labels 100 Sheet Boxes Custom Printed Packing Tape

Economically Priced Laser, Inkjet and Copier Labels in 30 popular sizes
8.5 x 11, 1 Up, White Permanent
8.5" x 5.5", 2 Up, White Permanent
4" x 6", 3 Up, White Permanent
8.5" x 3.5", 3 Up, White Permanentl
4" x 5", 4 Up, White, Permanent
4.25" x 5.5", 4 Up, White, Permanent
4" x 3.33", 6 Up, White, Permanent
4.25" x 2.75", 8 Up, White, Permanent
4" x 2", 10 Up, White, Permanent
4.25 x 2, 10 Up, White, Permanent
4" x 1.5", 12 Up, White, Permanent
4" x 1.33", 14 Up, White, Permanent
4" x 1", 20 Up, White, Permanent
2.625" x 1", 30 Up, Permanent, White
3.4375" x 0.667", 30 Up, White, Permanent
2.83" x 1", 30 Up, White, Permanent
1.5" x 1", 50 Up, White, Permanent
1.75" x .5", 80 Up, White, Permanent
3.33" Circle, 6 Up, White, Permanent
2.5" Circle, 12 Up, White, Permanent
1.625" Circle, 24 Up, White Permanent
1", 63 Up, White, Permanent
2.5" x 1.375" Oval, 21 Up, White, Permanent
2" x 1" Oval, 27 Up, White Permanent
4.656" CD Label, Compare to Memorex®
4.625" CD Label, Compare to Avery® 5931
4.5" CD Label, Compare to Avery® 5824
4.64" CD Label, Compare to Stomper®
4.52" CD Label Compare to Neato®
2.75" x 2.75" Disc Label Compare to Avery® 5196, 8196
Comparison to Avery®, Memorex®, Neato® and Stomper® products are used here SOLELY for selection of proper software template layout in most popular label software programs. Avery®, Memorex®, Neato® and Stomper® comparisons are not indicative of performance. All product names, product numbers, logos and trademarks are registered to their respective companies.

Forest View 100% Post Consumer Waste Labels

Colors - Fluorescents, Astrobrights, Pastels and Metallics
Fluorescent Chartruese Flurescent Green Fluorescent Orange Fluorescent Pink Fluorescent Red Astrobright Cosmic Orange Astrobright Gamma Green Astrobright Lunar Blue Astrobright Pulsar Pink Astrobright Orbit Orange Astrobright Re-entry red
Astrobright Solar Yellow Astrobright Terra Green Pastel Blue Pastel Canary Pastel Buff Bright Gold Foil Dull Gold Foil Bright Silver Foil Brown Kraft Yellow Litho Pastel Pink

White Laser Vinyl - Laser Labels. Adhesive film for outdoor use. Print on laser printers and copiers. Make your own bumper stickers and waterproof labels on your laser printer.

Inkjet Photo Gloss - Photo quality high gloss label paper. Water fast - ink won't run when wet like ordinary ink jet paper.

We can produce custom sizes. Please contact us with your requirements.

Tips on ordering label stock

An important consideration when ordering label stock is the type of printer that will be used. Some examples of printer types are laser, inkjet, offset printing or lithography, silk screening, thermal or direct transfer. Each of these printing methods requires a material that is compatible with the process.

Laser Printing

Laser printers use a dry powder toner that is electrostically transfered to the sheet which is then squeezed between heated rollers to fuse the toner to the sheet. Basically, you are ironing dry powder onto the sheet. Good toner adhesion is one of the characteristics to look for when selecting label stock for laser printers. Use a scratch test to see how well toner sticks to the surface.

Laser printers sometimes require the sheet to turn very sharply on a path of rollers and conveyers. The ability of the sheet to bend without jamming is another characteristic of label sheets designed for digital printers. A lighter removable liner makes this possible. Our digital printing papers and films are specifically designed with lighter liners to run well through digital printers.

Laser toner is generally water resistant and does not smear when wet. Synthetic label materials like vinyl and polyester can be run on a laser printer to create waterproof labels. Testing is recommended.

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printing has brought full color printing to the desktop. There is no doubt inkjet printing, when combined with photo quality inkjet paper can be stunning.

Inkjet printers work by spraying ultra fine particles of liquid ink onto the sheet. The ink must be able to dry properly to produce a quality result. Choose label materials that are Inkjet compatible.

To get the highest quality prints from an inkjet printer, photo quality paper should be used. offers photo quality inkjet label papers.

Inkjet prints do not last very long in bright sunlight and inkjet is not recommended for outdoor labeling. For outdoor applications we offer a variety of digital and offset synthetic sheets.

Offset Printing

Offset printing, where the ink is offset from the plate to a rubber blanket and then to the sheet, is economical on long runs and is capable of producing extremely high quality multi-color printing. Set up costs can be countered by higher speeds and lower cost per impression.

A sheet that lays flat will tend to run trouble free when offset printing. Heavier weight lay flat liners designed for offset printing are available in Strip-Tac Plus, which has splits every 1-1/4 inch for easy removal, even when cut down to smaller sizes. We also offer lay flat in 0-Split No-Print liner is ideal for jobs where no splits are desired



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